Our Services

Designed to meet your specifc and group need, our multi- service organization guarantees the highest professional standards, co-ordination and effort in achieving the right result for our clients. Our Educational and tour programs are designed to enhance and enrich the learning experience of students, teachers and individuals visiting Ghana and the surrounding countries. Our business representation project ensures a direct contact to businesses (B2B) and follow ups on your behalf so you don't have to fly in and out of Ghana every time. We welcome you to the gateway of Africa - Accra, Ghana. Talk to us today about the opportunities and we will assist you. Email us at info@hlg-ghana.com. 

Business Representation

Doing business in a foreign country can be difficult if you are not acquainted with the culture, the people and the governance of the land. We can assist you in Ghana and be there for you every step of the way to achieve the needed success. We will follow up for you even long after you have visited. Since 1998, we have represented General Packing Italy srl in Gasketing materials and other products from this reputable company with two manufacturing plants in Italy and China respectively. To know more, simply contact us and ask us what we can do for your company. 

International Services

We help families link up with others abroad and help donors keep track of their contributions to Ghanian charities and projects. We can help in buying and delivering (export/import) items. We coordinate with services to personally deliver items from abroad to family members and friends here, such as vehicles and auto parts, office and household accessories and other items. Want to safely send authentic crafts and cultural items to family and friends abroad? we can help.  Additionally, HLG manages your donations to charities and development projects in Ghana. Ever wanted to donate but weren't sure who would actually end up with the money? We monitor and report on projects started or supported from abroad, including micro-lending projects.  Again, HLG is uniquely designed around your needs. 

Journey of Discovery

Wish to be in Ghana but don't know what awaits you here? Make that journey to this great country and discover for yourself what the world has been hiding from you. Historic places, great cultures, amazing people and awesome festivities. Visit the castles and the Forts dotted on the Coast of Ghana that daily remind us of the history and the atrocities of the slave trade. We co ordinate, organize and host groups and individuals that wish to embark on a tour to Ghana. We are there so that you will know you have someone to help you enjoy your discovery. We will arrange to meet you at the airport, make hotel arrangements, and organize tours to help your plans unfold successfully. We are ready to assist you. 

Academic & Institutional Programs & Services

We offer co ordination of exchange programs, international workshops and conferences, study abroad programs, research support, church groups and missionary trips, and international teaching placements for those wanting to teach at a school in Ghana. We work with various international organizations across the globe and have the experience and the skills in helping you mount and execute a great program in Ghana. We do all the ground work from accomodation, transport, food, entertainment etc., so you don't have to work alone. We simply help you co ordinate an efficient program and will stay with you even long after.

Global Sourcing Solution

We understand what it takes to do busines in the global market. We work with you to develope offshor sources for your products, parts or components. Our staff and partners all over the world with years of experience in global sourcing are waiting to help you. Click to see page at Global Sourcing Solution.

Vehicle Rental Services


Reserve a rental car from HLG while visiting Ghana. HLG also provides outsourcing transportation services and arranges convenient travel plans at competative rates. Email us at hlgghana@yahoo.com 

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