Product List

Below are partial list of products that we can source for and supply with the best price for a quality product. If your product is not listed here, just email your request to us and we will fullfill that need for your business. 

Item 1


Lubricants - Fluids, Air/ Gas Compressor, Food Grade ,Refrigeration,Gear Lubricants,Hydraulic Oils, Greases, Oven Conveyor Chain Lubricants,Specialty Lubes

Parts - Castings (Aluminum, Zinc, & Steel Castings raw and machined, Grey and Ductile Iron Castings, Investment Castings) Fasteners (Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Spacers, Rivets ) Metal stampings, Screw Machine parts, General Components (Springs, Casters, Drawer Slides and Cabinet Hardware ,Power Cords ,Phone Cords and connectors,Transformers)

Chemicals - descalers, degreasers

Equipment parts- Fire, Oil, Medical, 

Item 2 Commercial

Gas cookers

Air conditioners

Item 3 Consumer
•Household Items

•Personal Care Products

•Consumer Electronics


•Nano Technology Devices


•Clothing Products


•Gift Articles   

Item 4         Equipments









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