Our Logo  

Our Logo is from a Ghanaian wisdom - Adinkra symbol "Boa me na me mboa wo" meaning let me be of help to you, symbol of cooperation and interdependence. HLG joins forces with you in reaching the highest goal ever. We will meet you at the point of your need and be of immense help to you. However big the eye may be; two eyes are better says an old Ghanaian proverb. HLG is an acronym for Heart - Light Group. 

Founded in 1998, HLG become fully incorporated under the companies code 1963, Act 179 in March 5th, 2004 with registration # CA -10,332.



Our Mission

Our Mission is :-


  • to grow diversified global business
  • to promote inter-cultural awareness and development and
  • to enhance learning experience for people traveling to Ghana




Our People

We depend on our people to deliver excellent service to our customers. We rely on our people – their integrity, their honesty, their enthusiasm, their commitment – to maintain and build on the success of our business, even more so in today’s competitive market. We believe that the better experience our people have at HLG, the better service they will give our customers and partners. HLG is family owned and so the brand of the d'Almeida name adds reference to our value and place in business. Its simply, a trusted name, period. 


Theodore A. d'Almeida,

Theodore d'Almeida is a co-founder of HLG and currently the day to day Operations Manager of the company. He is also the contact person for all General Packing slr ITALY businesses and transactions and also an expert in Gaskets. He was trained in Italy as a sales engineer and has paticipated in various international workshops. He has vast experience in dealing with foreign nationals. He's trust worthy, honest and committed to what he does for business partners and clients. He has a natural ability in speaking french and English in addition to two native languages and that comes handy for our foreign clients and friends. 

Theodore also is actively involved and assisting with all other services of HLG, including tourism, academic & cultural services, and international services.


He has a passion for soccer and is affectionately called Ronaldo by friends for his love for the game. (Ronaldo is a famous Brazilian soccer player who played soccer for most part in Italy) Behind soccer, Theodore is a wonderful friend to have. 


Kweku G. Agyeman

Kweku Agyeman is a chartered accountant at the Ghana Institute of Management and Productivity Administration (GIMPA - DLC). As a freee-lance accountant, he assists with the micro-lending and all accounting related aspects of HLG. Agyemang holds certificates from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (GH), HND Accountancy, Diploma in Business Studies (Accountancy Option), Ghana Commercial Examination Stages 1 & 2 and many more. A self starter with a high degree of initiative, Agyeman has a passion for soccer and volley ball. 







Our Logo is from a Ghanaian wisdom - Adinkra symbol "Boa me na me mboa wo" meaning let me be of help to you, symbol of cooperation and interdependence. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of services / products through our dependable staff - Heart light Group. 



General parking, Italy



General Packing Italy is one of our official Partners in Europe with years of experience in industrial products. We depend on GP for all gasketing and seal materials. 






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