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Founded in 1998,
Heart Light Group (HLG) Ghana is a safe, honest and easy way to connect to individuals, businesses and services in Ghana. Our honest and committed service allows anyone to do business and make contacts in Ghana in any way. As service providers, we simply enrich your unique experience in Ghana be it in group, individual, institution, business, university, church or youth organization. 

Our speciality is making connections and co-ordinating services. We custom fit our services to your needs.

Are you looking to do business in Ghana but don't know where to start or how to connect to potential business partners? Planning a trip and need someone to meet you at the airport with a personal welcome and assist you in locating lodging? Wishing to start a program in Ghana? Whether you need help organizing a church or academic program or just want to connect with family, HLG can help you. 


GLOBAL SOURCING SOLUTION - HLG provides global strategic sourcing for direct marketed quality engineered and manufactured products and parts toilored to your specific need. Contact us by email or phone.  Click here to see the product list


CAR RENTAL SERVCES -  Reserve a rental car at HLG today. Fleet of Vehicle Rent today.

We will also look for the type you want for you if you don't see what you are looking for here.



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GP of Italy teams up with HLG in Ghana for the sale of quality Gaskets. Contact us on how you can benefit from this partnership to better serve your company. We sell to top companies like Tema Oil Refinery and Unilever, Ghana.




HLG - A Global Sourcing Solution Company Our contacts in Europe, America, Asia with years of experience will provide you with whatever you need. 


"I had no idea what to expect or what to do when I got off the plane with my roommate as this was my first time to visit Ghana. Thankfully, Theo and George were at the airport awaiting our arrival. They quickly took our luggage, helped us safely to our temporary home, and made sure we were settled in before leaving us for the night.

Over the next several days the gentlemen helped us find transportation, negotiate cab fare, set up and maintain internet access, acquire cell phones, guided us through the busy streets of Accra, obtain permanent housing, and even offered cultural and historical information about the area.

Theo and George were always willing to spend time, even the entire day with us to help get the resources and supplies we needed before starting our student internships. They exceeded all our expectations and always went above and beyond to take care of us. I highly recommend HLG Company for any of your needs. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I know I am always safe in their hands."


~Lindsay Little

Student from the University of Texas at Austin, USA

January 2011



As a student studying abroad in Ghana, the tour guides of HLG Company have been extremely helpful. Upon arrival we were greeted by two friendly Ghanaians,

Theo and George, who immediately helped us with our luggage and took us to our lodging. They assisted us in getting anything we needed, such as groceries, internet access, cell phones and even permanent housing. They also provided vital cultural information and were very willing to discuss any topic we were curious about. The guides

are very knowledgeable about the culture and history of Ghana.

            During the day-to-day activities the guides were very accommodating and took care of more than we asked for. They helped carry bags, jumped to fulfill any requests we had and ensured clear communication with other service providers. They went as far as to give us their telephone numbers to make themselves available in case we needed them in the evenings.


While settling in they were immensely helpful in navigating the busy city of Accra. They helped us negotiate fair prices for transportation and goods. Without them it would have been very difficult to utilize taxis and the local form of transportation, tro-tros. Having their help gave us a great sense of security.


 ~Erika Gonzalez

Student from the University of Texas at Austin, USA January 2011



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General Packing Italy spa












Operating since 1965, General Packing has been for many years the seals division of a major Italian industrial group.
In 1996 the company became completely independent and privately owned, heavily investing in skilled human resources and in manufacturing technology, to produce the most updated gaskets and packings under the famous EUROSEAL trademark.

We have become by far the leading Italian company in the gasketing field, with three manufacturing plants that are able to respond to any plant need, urgency and emergency.

Our history, our continuous improvements and expansions, the graphite know-how, the care for every production detail, and the professionalism of our engineers and technical sales assistants, make us a partner capable of assuring safety, reliability, and continuity.

To lean more about general packing visit their website at www.generalpacking.com 


What our partners say about HLG

Congratulation! Also in 2008 Ghana turnover is more than the projected target. We know very well your precious cooperation to our people and the constant work you do in the plants

~ Accounting, General Packing Spa, Italy

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and explanation. Have a nice day. Ciao

~ Accounting, General Packing Spa, Italy